Supply-chain issues hindering Southeast Texas non-profit

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The Humane Society’s old facility in southeast Texas was badly damaged in a 2016 fire.

Beaumont, Texas – We feel a global supply shortage associated with the pandemic in southeast Texas is holding a local nonprofit organization back from helping animals find their “holiest” homes.

Construction of a new Humane Society facility in southeast Texas was behind schedule by weeks due to supply chain issues.

The Humane Society is set to open a new facility after its old facilities were badly damaged in a 2016 fire. Demolition began to get rid of the old building in the fall of 2020.

Construction of the new facility began in June of 2021 and was due to be completed by Thanksgiving. Due to global supply chain issues, the nonprofit is still waiting to open its doors.

It’s raw materials that we need to get hold of,” said Taylor Westphal, director of the shelter.

A Southeast Texas nonprofit awaits new doors, floors, and kennels for animals.

“The company we hired was having a hard time getting the raw materials needed to build the kennels, so it was pushed back, pushed back, pushed back,” Westphal said.

Humane Society members try to be patient, but the delay affects animals in need.

“With the new shelter, we were supposed to have more capacity for cats and dogs, so we’re still kind of still adjusting what we have now,” Westphal said. “But we understand the current situation with how things are arranged.”

Westphal said that if construction plans go according to the new schedule, the floors should be completed by January 5, 2022, and the kennels will be installed soon after. The Southeast Texas nonprofit is hoping to open “weak” in February.

“Once we’re in here, we’ll be able to get more animals off the streets,” Westphal said.

After construction of the new facility is completed, the Humane Society plans to renovate its old facilities to make more room for pets and workers.

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