Support to Animal Breeders in Başkent

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Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will provide feed support in order to encourage animal producers in the capital and contribute to production. 1 ton of corn silage will be distributed as a 20% grant to animal breeders with 100-500 head of livestock. Capital Mayor Mansur Yavas, in his announcement on his social media accounts, announced that applications have been received in 25 provinces, “If we use our resources correctly, we can build a prosperous future. We distribute the corn silage that we get from the vacant land of our municipality, which We opened it for production in Gülbaşı, on nearly 500 livestock breeders. “Our biggest project is to enrich the people of Ankara,” he added.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, with its “women-friendly” practices, facilitates women’s life in the capital, on the one hand, and on the other hand, provides economic support to women local products, ensuring that they are not separated from production.

In this context, the Rural Services Department will provide “maize fodder” support to about 500 female animal husbandry workers.

Objective: to register local producers in the capital

In order to contribute to the local economy by encouraging women animal producers living in the capital, nearly 500 tons of maize fodder produced on the lands of the metropolitan municipality of Gulbaşı Karaoğlan will be distributed to women animal producers in the form of a 100% grant. .

The Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Administration has received requests to collect applications in one county to subsidize fodder maize used as animal feed for ranchers with 20 to 25 head of cattle. Expressing their goal to increase the welfare level of Ankara residents through his social media accounts, Capital Mayor Mansur Yavas said, “If we use our resources correctly, we can build a prosperous future. We distribute the corn silage we get from the vacant land of our municipality, which we opened For production in Gülbaşı, it has about 500 livestock breeders. “Our biggest project is to enrich the people of Ankara.”

Extra time you miss the app

The Rural Services Administration, which is providing additional time for those who missed orders for corn feed to be distributed after planned planning in the capital’s 25 counties, will continue to receive requests for collection requests through Friday, December 31, 2021.

The provinces of Himana, Pala, Hirokazan and Kızılkhamam, as well as women animal producers who applied for corn fodder, thanked their relatives who submitted their power of attorney to the mayor of the capital, Mansur Yavas, to support the feed with the following words:

-Born: “I live with cattle for many years. I have 10 cattle. We cannot feed. The feed was too expensive, and we were struggling, this support will be like medicine and it will help us a lot.”

– Decorated Perm: “I have 11 head of cattle. The bait was very expensive and I was finding it hard to get it. Today my cow has a new baby. Corn silage is very good for newborn animals. I was thinking about what to do, what to do, at that time I heard that Metropolitan was giving support Nutritionally, I came right away and applied. They will donate 100 percent. I would like to thank Mansur Yavas very much, I am very happy, it was a surprise for me. “

– Habiba Glow: “I have 15 animals. We are having trouble getting food. These feeds will contribute a lot to our budget and relax. Thanks to those who contributed.”

– Döne Sozer: “We are on low incomes. Feed is not expensive. This service was a great support for our budget.”

-Is Akjol: “I live on cattle. I benefit from all the support of the metropolitan municipality. I live alone. I have two cows and two calves. These baits made me smile.”

Michelle Kokbin: “I make a living from farming. It is a very important service for the metropolitan municipality to support animal nannies. We are not housewives. We are manufacturers and women who work in difficult conditions. I sent my children to school with the money I earned from raising animals. I was very happy to hear this baiting service. It is very difficult to get food under the current conditions. It is a very impressive contribution to the producers.”

Celebrity: “This aid is important to us. Bait is expensive, we can’t buy it, we can’t buy it. Prioritizing women products will give women more courage and morale.”

– Second Sozer: “It will be very useful for us for the animals. The feed is not expensive. This support will be very useful for us.”

Sakin Tonger: “This help would be great for us in this difficult time. I can’t buy fodder, I can’t pay the shepherd. In these difficult times, taking an oath for free has been a lifesaver. It is also good that this support is given to women in particular.”

-Suzan Albakir: “I am very happy with this support. We had a lot of problems with hay and forage this year. We brought straw from abroad. This service sets an example and supports women. It will ease us economically for a while.”

Ozkan women: “I came to apply for my mother. My mother has animals and we are trying to help her. Feed prices are very high. This service will help us a lot. We will get free bait, which is a big boost for us.”

Adnan Tuncer: “I brought my mother for the application. We are very happy with this maize fodder service. We were very happy that my mother received this support. Feed prices are very expensive. Mansour Al-Rais does not miss our support as producers, he becomes a supporter of the farmer, standing behind the farmer. On behalf of my mother and in the name of all the women We thank you a thousand times.”

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