The Antidote: Five happy things to read about today, December 6

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We live in extraordinary times. Everything gets a little carried away some days. So every day of the week we give you a much-needed dose of positivity to remind you that there is inspiration, kindness and whimsy, too.

Trapped with snow, customers spend the night at IKEA

A group of people in Denmark fell asleep after getting stuck in an Ikea store during a snowstorm, the BBC reported.

Up to 30 cm of snow fell in Aalborg, leaving at least 25 IKEA employees and customers unable to leave.

Snow covered the Danish city of Aalborg on December 1, making driving risky.

Henning Bagger / AFP

Snow covered the Danish city of Aalborg on December 1, making driving risky.

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So the group made use of their good fortune – dining in the shop and watching TV before enjoying a restful night on the beds and mattresses in the showroom.

Eric Bangsgaard and his wife were among the trapped customers.

“There was nothing we could do about this situation. We were really happy to have a shelter” Extra Bladet Newspaper.

The group had a breakfast of cinnamon rolls and coffee before leaving the shop the next day.

There are certainly worse places to count than an Ikea store (file photo).

Getty Images

There are certainly worse places to count than an Ikea store (file photo).

British boy calls an ambulance for his injured mother

A three-year-old in the UK called emergency services after his mother fell down the stairs, saying he knew what to do by watching a YouTube cartoon.

Kylie Povey told the BBC she was “very proud” of her son Tommy after she was injured at their West Midlands home.

“I feel very fortunate and blessed to have a little boy who listened to the advice,” she said.

Police call handlers spoke to the boy and were able to trace the call, with medical help arriving within 10 minutes.

Buffy was surprised to learn her son made the call, saying “it’s still a shock to listen to the audio recording now.”

She hopes the story will encourage more parents to teach their children what to do in an emergency.

Wedding ring revealed after 50 years

The BBC reports that a woman has been reunited with a wedding ring she lost in a potato patch in the Western Isles in the 1960s.

Peggy MacSween thought she’d never see the band again after she slipped her finger while collecting potatoes at her home in Benbecula.

But after learning of her missing ring, a fellow islander recently sets out to find it using a metal detector.

It was discovered by Donald McPhee after three days of searching in the area where the potato patch once stood.

“He just came to the door and said ‘I have something to show you’ – it’s the ring,” McSwain, 86, told the BBC.

“I couldn’t believe it, but it was there. I thought I would never see him again.”

From a media official to a donkey shepherd

He threw a high-flying New Yorker into his hectic career to open a donkey sanctuary, Washington Post It has been reported.

Ron King has been a media director for 20 years. He has been successful and loved his career, despite being increasingly aware of the frenetic pace.

That’s when he happened upon a TikTok video showing a herd of rescued donkeys and he had a realization.

Ron King at the Donkey Shelter in California.

Hugo Vazquez/The Washington Post

Ron King at the Donkey Shelter in California.

“I’ve never thought about donkeys in my entire life,” said King, 52, who has run some of the biggest magazines in the country and had a front-row seat at the world’s leading fashion shows.

But after watching the video, he delved deeper into the topic and learned that donkeys are one of the most misunderstood and misunderstood animals on the planet.

King brought up the idea of ​​opening a donkey sanctuary to a close friend, Phil Selway, who owns a large estate in California. King explained to Silway that it would be the perfect place to set up a donkey sanctuary.

His nonprofit, Oscar’s Place, opened nearly a year ago to take care of abandoned donkeys that would otherwise be slaughtered.

Some of the donkeys have been adopted by carefully screened people who live on farms, King said, adding that donkeys “make very good pets” — even Arnold Schwarzenegger has some.

Now King lives full time on the campus and loves life: “I’ve never been happier,” he said.

Football stars compete for homeless dogs

Football players in Russia carried shelter dogs onto the pitch in front of the stadium crowd in an attempt to find new homes for them, independent It has been reported.

Zenit St Petersburg players walked onto the field with their dogs in arms before the game on Friday in an attempt to adopt them from local shelters.

The gesture of the heart was part of the “Dogs are better at home” campaign, which began on November 30 in Russia.

“The aim of the project is to highlight to the public the responsibility and care required when owning a pet and to help raise funds for local dog shelters,” the club wrote on Twitter.

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