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Netflix’s revival lost in space It ends after three seasons, and viewers enjoyed seeing the new adventures of the Robinson family. what made lost in space Unique was the family dynamic between the characters as they struggled to survive in an alien world.

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Although each character has its drawbacks and strengths, some are more likeable than others. The main cast of the show are diverse and each brings something unique to the equation that made the show so interesting. But who are the most and least admired crew members?

8 John Harris / Dr. Smith

Designed as a character to be hated, John Harris is ultimately the series’ villain. Although the show focuses on the crew’s struggle to survive against the elements, Dr. Smith’s scheming frequently puts them in danger.

She’s a regular liar and even her identity as Dr. Smith was stolen from a passenger who didn’t escape the accident. Through flashbacks, it turns out that she has been deceiving people for a long time, and there are several layers to deceiving her. Since she’s the villain, it’s very easy to hate her and very hard to like.

7 robot

Lost in Space Season 3 Trailer

In the original series, the robot was a charming if not cheesy robot friend to Will Robinson and one of the best sidekicks. However, in the new series, he is given a more human appearance and a different character. Gone are the rotten robot that was moving and squeaking “Danger, Will Robinson!”

Instead, he says too little and is often a danger to the family. While the original bot was cute and cuddly, the modern version has a slightly sinister feel and isn’t attractive. He even hurts a crew member when Angela shoots him on orders from Dr. Smith.

6 Benny Robinson

Lost a shark in space

Penny is the middle child of the Robinson family and has a lot more to live for than her exceptional siblings. Although Penny isn’t as treacherous as Dr. Smith or as mysterious as a robot, she has very little to do.

She is not as interesting as the other characters because she is not given much to do in the story and spends a lot of her time lamenting her supposed weakness compared to her brother and sister. While it’s not necessarily unwanted, it doesn’t do enough to move the needle either way as a character.

5 John Robinson

Lost in Space John Will Robinson

John Robinson is an Army veteran with the natural ability to lead. Despite this, he often suffers from family problems that result from his inability to communicate. Being a military man through and through, John lacks a certain affection that is sometimes required of a father and husband.

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He is conservative by nature and can sometimes rub that party the wrong way, even though he always tries to do his best. He does possess some good qualities though, and his genuine desire to reconnect with his family as well as his acceptance of Judy as an adopted daughter are strengths of his character.

4 Don West

Without a complex character. Although he was a rogue in the past, he is very dedicated to the mission of survival. He used to be a smuggler, but when problems arise, he makes use of his knowledge of repairing and steering ships and is a useful member of the party.

He is a bold and conceited young man with a heart of gold that sometimes gets him into trouble. What makes him charming though is his many funny slogans as well as his fondness for animals. Adding to his admiration meter is his best friend Debbie, a chicken he never leaves behind.

3 Judy Robinson

Lost Fortuna spaceship and Judy Robinson

Judy is the eldest daughter of Maureen and John’s adopted daughter. She is proficient in medical sciences and works as a party doctor. Although she often has all the answers when it comes to problems that come up, Jodi doesn’t become a know-it-all, and she spins nicely around the sci-fi trope that Baby Sizzling uses.

She displays the best qualities of her parents and shows great poise in the face of danger. Although she struggles with her anger at John for abandoning the family, she is ready to do the dynamic work that is most important to her. She is loved not for what she can do, but for what she believes in and supports.

2 Maureen Robinson

Maureen Robinson lost in space

The mother in the Robinson family is perhaps the most complex character on the show. While Dr. Smith’s decisions are downright evil, Maureen’s choices sometimes seem suspicious but imply goodwill. She is a dedicated mother and a wonderful scientist, which gives her a rich background and complex characterization.

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She feels partly responsible for endangering her family and bearing the heavy burden of her past issues with her. Despite this, she is a great mom and takes great care of her family. It’s a winning character because it’s complex. It’s not perfect, and that makes it receptive to the audience better than anything else. You make complex characters like Maureen lost in space One of the best science fiction shows.

1 Will Robinson

Will Robinson has a main arc as a character throughout the show. It is proven that Will was born with a fragile constitution and this affected his character. However, as Robinson’s adventure continues, Will grows confident and finds his voice in the face of the unknown. What he wants more than anything else is friendship, and this prompts him to form his relationship with the robot.

Furthermore, Will supports his siblings and shows his interest. As the characters grow and change, the show gets better with time. He is the most interesting character because he has a lot to learn, and the viewer is taken on this journey of discovery. Although he is only a child, he has a great imagination and a big heart.

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