Viewers slam dying dog green as ‘animal cruelty’

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Today, this morning’s viewers described the practice of dying a dog of different colors to make it look like The Grinch as “animal cruelty.”

The nanny, from the US, was featured on The Today Show (Friday, December 9).

This morning's viewers described the dying dogs as looking like
Gabrielle and Charlie on The Today Show (Credit: ITV)

What happened this morning today?

Dog groomer Gabriel Feitosa appeared on the show live from San Diego.

Introduce Charlie, who was dyed green and red to look like The Grinch.

Then, presenter Holly Willoughby told Gabrielle, “It’s funny isn’t it, even indoors… The picture of that dog dressed as The Grinch with his hair dyed the same color caused a completely different reaction.”

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“Some people were smiling, some were like, ‘Oh no.

“That’s something you’re used to, isn’t it, that divides people’s opinions.”

“Yes, I was actually surprised by the reaction on the Internet,” Gabriel replied.

“Looking at the Grinch… a lot of people are very happy, and I’ve had a lot of calls from people who wanted to bring their dog to make their own Grinch.”

However, he also said, “But there are a lot of people out there who are worried about the dye I’m using, should we do this to a dog?”

This morning's viewers described the dying dogs as looking like
Image source ITV Philip said Gabriel produces “extraordinary works of art”

“Extraordinary works of art”

Then he asked Philip Scofield what kind of dye he used and if the dogs were happy.

Gabriel said he uses non-toxic plant-based dyes developed for animals.

“People don’t understand,” said Gabriel. “The dog grooming industry is very advanced. We have bleaching shampoos, deep conditioners, dog hair dye, semi-permanent dyes.”

After that, Philip called Gabriel’s work “extraordinary works of art.”

How did viewers react?

Despite Gabriel’s reassurance, viewers did not take in Charlie and his coloring.

One viewer said: I hope the dog is taken from its owner by an animal charity. Animal cruelty, plain and simple. #This morning.”

Another added, “That’s a tough animal, it’s not funny or cute. Poor dog #this morning.”

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On top of that, even 3rd hosts criticize Holly and Philip.

“Shame on Schofe and hollywills for not calling this poor dog cruelty to animals!

“They can relax, glad it’s their last show in 2021! MustafaHosny Amen.”

However, one person said, “Teba tincture was perfectly safe to use on a dog.”

Another added, “Why are people stressing? If it’s safe, there’s no problem.”

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