Weekly poll: who is getting an Honor 60 or 60 Pro once they launch?

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Demongornot, 4 hours agoI wouldn’t buy a phone with: *hole, slit. * Low view camera (unless it’s … moreYes, there are great features but smartphone companies only care about their profits on the features
They remove features from year to year and most people don’t complain about that
It scares me because in the future they will manage us more
The problem is why do we let them do that?
Just think about it


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EricDVP, 2 hours agoWhere can you buy a phone for $ 700 that has 1200 screen resolution 10 bit 120 Hz 66 watts… MoreNo google services, no IP rating, no master but the main price
dead to me


Poll: To me, none of the above means…
I wouldn’t spend that kind of money to risk not being able to use it without Google services.


Anders, an hour agoMore generic trash with no headphone jacks or micro SD support. Smartphones are … moreNo headphone jack = Yes to buy

I don’t want ugly holes in my phone


unknown 4 hours agoIt’s funny how it is never impossible to please smartphone users like you. I remember h … moreThe cameras under the screen cannot be covered without making a hole.


More general trash with no headphone jacks or micro SD support. Smartphones are awful these days


Where you can buy a phone for $ 700 that has 1200 screen resolution
10 bit
120 Hz
Pioneering design
50 mega pixel selfie
4k selfie camera
Honor 60pro has them all
Mi 11 Ultra $1400 but does not support the 4K selfie camera
The price of Mi Mix 4 is 900 dollars, but the resolution is 1080
Or take a look at the Pixel 6, then you can understand why Honor 60 pro is a good choice


unknown 4 hours agoIt’s funny that it is never possible to satisfy smartphone users like you. I remember h … moreExcept you are wrong:
1: Give me a phone that matches the specs mentioned, I’ll be totally happy, in fact, just upgrade your Poco F2 Pro so the Macro can be upgraded to 12MP and can also do real Portrait, replace the 2Mp depth sensor with 2x or 3x Telephoto, I’ll love it as a phone Photographer.
The only other change I would like is to switch the awful optical UD FPS to a good Supersonic.

2: There is a big market for compact phones, you just give your experience either iPhone 12 Mini, 13 Mini and 13 mini phones, iPhone 12 mini and 13 mini have poor price to feature ratio compared to others, and most of the compact smartphones that work Android with massive battery life and always low / low end phones.
The truth is that the regular iPhone X (5.8 inches), iPhone 11 (6.1 inches), iPhone 11 Pro (5.8 inches), iPhone 12, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro (6.1 inches) are already built in. Compared to Android phones currently on display with an average of 6.8 inches for high-end devices.
The iPhone SE is also very popular and is a compact phone.

So do the Samsung Galaxy S20 and Galaxy S21 at 6.2 inches (which may be the upper end of what can be considered compact) and the base S10 at 6.1 inches.
The 6-inch Google Pixel 5, the 5.81-inch Pixel 4a, the 5.9-inch Asus Zenfone 8, the Sony Xperia 10 Mk3, the Xperia 10 Mk2, and the 6-inch Xperia 10 Mk3 Lite are all examples of compact smartphones that didn’t have problems Sale.

The problem is that people like you make it look like they need to sell 5 pzl units to be successful, when in reality, even a low amount of products sold are still successful if there are profits or if they are within the expected numbers.
This was considered to have been said by someone who prefers larger phones.

3: The pop-up camera has not had any reliability issues, if any, it has proven to be a really powerful component, robust, flexible, durable and long lasting, almost no reports of pop-up failures, the only places you find the words “pop-up” and “issues / reliable / not Reliability / Durability, etc” linked in the comments either accusing (you) or defending (I) the pop-up, but almost no suitable reports were found, and those that are, in number, are completely within the normal number of any product defects, and misuses, accidents, etc.
There are far more reports of display, battery, and electronic component failures in general than there are in pop-ups even when compared to any number of equivalent units sold.
95% of the accusations on pop-ups are pure BA without foundations, in fact they are the opposite of reality.
Vivo Nex A and Nex S which had their first popup was released in June 2018, over 3 years ago, most people change their phones within 2 years and the rest within 3 years, but since over 3 years ago, there is no overflow of comments about Failing to pop up on OEM forums, it has been proven to be more than durable enough, even to withstand harsh conditions.
In fact, most of the pop-ups are still in perfect condition and show no signs of wear or damage.

4: Low-profile camera is a stupid concept to start with, a notch is like having a TV with part of its screen, as big as a remote, removed, so you can “mount the remote when you’re not using it”, and the hole punch is stupid Except that it’s in a hole where you insert the remote, and it prevents you from getting Wi-Fi (equivalent to losing the 3D face recognition sensors that the hole punch has killed) and you have to drill into your wall for the remote to fit (what Equivalent to killing adjacent light and ambient light sensors with low performance and low width sensors).
The low view camera is the equivalent of trying to make a hunting hide, but for the animals to not see you, don’t put any aperture in, and you have to stare really hard to try to see through the wood.

It costs a lot, and it’s selling at a loss at the moment, the technology has required years of research and development to achieve a horrific result while trying something like the perfect pop up first, and when mass-produced on several for each OEMs, it will show its true price and everyone will cry because phones are expensive The price.
It’s not as if the years of research and development will only be forgotten, there is a need to make up for the money spent, the construction method is complicated, for a while, the cost of the drill hole was more than the cost of the pop-up camera (yes, it’s not that expensive), the low-end camera is worse Much, because you don’t just want to reroute the pixel cable around the hole, you want to make the pixels and cables as thin as possible while still being able to display an image…

You will conquer the market as the hole-punch has done, and once people realize it is horrible, it will be too late to cry.
This thing is a privacy nightmare, you may know that “there is no better security than a false sense of security” here it is, not seeing a camera that can see you is the worst for privacy both allow people behaviors they never have in front of the camera, normalize having a camera hidden in our consumer products.
Add to that the completely false rumor that it “can’t tell if the screen is on”, or whether it’s a full BS, or that “there is a camera notification when in use” is easy to hack, in fact things like the camera app and popular apps/media Don’t turn it on, or “permissions” many apps get too, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for disaster.

And there are a lot of better solutions to get the same result (no visible camera, no external moving parts, full screen) that don’t have any cost, quality, complexity, or privacy issues, but remain silent because this obscure UDC method grabs everyone.
Meanwhile, there are several solutions for implementing the so-called “disappearing cameras”:

The funny part is that UDC may actually be the technology that will have robustness issues while the popup will, even after 5 years, still work fine.
But technology that had no problems was hated to extinction while technology that had only flaws and not a single real positive feature that nothing else could replicate is hailed as the new god and the ultimate goal of all life…

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