Weird turtles, bullfrogs rescued from Queens park — Queens Daily Eagle

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Written by Jacob Kaye

The parks department jumped in to rescue 50 frogs and three turtles that were left dead in a lake at Flushing Meadows Corona Park last week.

The parks department said American frogs and soft-shelled turtles were found and removed from Lake Meadow by a group of Urban Park Rangers who had been notified of the abandoned pets by park goers.

The water-loving animals are believed to have been dumped in the park, an illegal act currently under investigation by the New York State Department of Environmental Protection.

“We’d love this story to have a happy ending, but it’s a perfect opportunity to remind all New Yorkers that dumping pets in a New York City park is illegal,” a Parks Department spokesperson told the Eagle. “We are asking herders who monitor abandoned or endangered animals in the parks to call 311.”

As exciting as venturing into the temperate wilderness may be for the creatures, it’s possible that they wouldn’t have survived in the new habitat – as they could have disrupted the natural ecosystem.

The odd-looking frogs and turtles, both native to North America, have been moved to the Brooklyn Animal Care Center.

Nearly two dozen snakehead fish, which were also caught during the rescue mission, met a different fate. According to the parks department, the highly invasive fish, which sometimes move short distances on land, have been snatched from the water and “discarded.”

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