Wild animals: Manatee rescued near Texas City Dike heads to San Antonio for care

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Texas City, TX (KTRK) – It doesn’t happen often, but there was a manatee scene near the Texas City Dyke.

Large mammals have been spotted in an artificial canal near refineries.

On Friday, several manatee rescue organizations came together after reporting seeing it a few days earlier. That’s when groups started trying to track him down.

It turns out that fishermen spotted manatees near the Texas City Dyke back in September, but it’s unclear if this is the same.

It took the organizations about an hour to safely bring the mammals in with a net.

While people do see manatees from time to time, it is rare to see them here at this time of year.

“Manatees are not uncommon here in Galveston Bay,” said Heidi Whitehead. “But we do see them come in the summer months every now and then. If they don’t leave by those winter months, and the temperature drops in the water, they get nervous.” With the Texas Marine Mammal Network.

The manatee was taken to Sea World in San Antonio for evaluation.

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