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“Yah. That’s what happens with cats,” one Instagram user wrote while reacting to a video that included a woman and her pet cat.

Cat videos are fun to watch. In general, these videos show different behaviors of cats. However, it turns out that some videos involving cats can be funny even if they show that the animals do nothing other than sleep – or at least that’s what this funny video suggests.

The video was shared on the following Instagram page with the caption “She has two cats now.” The clip, originally posted on TikTok, opens to show a cat sleeping peacefully on a chair. The text that appears on the screen reads, “So I saw my cat outside and brought it.” This is what the video shows after that left people laughing. We’re not going to give everything away, so take a look at the video.

The video was posted a day ago. Since sharing it, he has garnered nearly 3,200 likes. The post also urged people to share different comments.

This happened to my family. One Instagram user wrote. “Ooooo!” Another shared. “Yah. That’s what happens with cats,” a third commented.

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