Yellowstone Stars Kelly Reilly and Jefferson White on Working with Real Wolves and Bears

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Neil Damage / Paramount Network

Talk about some wild times at Yellowstone Dutton Ranch!

Actors often talk about the unpredictability of working with animals, but they usually refer to dogs or cats. on a set of YellowstoneThings are just different.

During a dinner at Delilah in Wynn Las Vegas for the official launch Yellowstone Podcast, stars plunge into their crazy and “terrifying” experiences working with wild animals.

Kelly Reilly, for example, had to run into a pack of wild wolves during the first season of Paramount, calling it a “real confidence moment.”

Riley, 44, admitted she had reservations, but assured that the wolves would be fine. “I’m like, well, don’t you think that most of their inner instincts might come out when there’s a woman holding a bottle of whiskey?” She remembered what she had told the crew. They were like, ‘Don’t worry, we have these like invisible wire cutters, so if they run up on you, it’s going to cause them to trip. “

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Riley, who plays the fiery Pete Dutton, couldn’t see the rope.

“This is not going to stop the wolf, let alone his 12 companions,” she remembered as she was thinking about this so-called rope. “But, we went for it and it was too intimidating for me to say. I’m in the middle of Montana and I’m running straight on a pack of wolves.”

Then the actress joked, “I’m really brave.”

Yellowstone Yellowstone

Yellowstone Yellowstone

Ben Trevit

The actors on the show usually work with more docile creatures, such as horses and cows. However, Jefferson White, who plays farmer Jimmy Herdstram, remembers shooting a scene in which a real bear chased him up a tree.

“We shot him in late November, so it was hibernation season. So this bear was like the laziest bear I’ve ever met,” he said. “They kept trying to antagonize the bear to get him to chase after me.”

The bear wouldn’t play along, so the producers improvised and tried to motivate the animal, trying to get him to believe that White was a tastier treat.

“What they did in the end was stuff my pocket with chicken,” he said. “So every pocket in my body was stuffed with shredded chicken to try and convince the bear to chase after me.”

Each episode of the podcast, hosted by White, will feature a different episode Yellowstone The cast member will also go deeper in the future Yellowstone prequel series, 1883Starring Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, and Sam Elliott.

Podcast sponsor Wynn Resorts is set to host the world premiere of 1883 On December 11th.

Official first episode Yellowstone The podcast, produced by 101 Studios and Paramount Network, airs Fridays on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever you get your podcast.

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